'How Pastor T.B. Joshua Took My Wife' – Pastor Peter Kayode Tell It All

How Pastor T.B. Joshua Took My Wife  Pastor Peter Kayode Tell It All

Pastor Peter Kayode Falarungbon is the Head Pastor of
Awakeners Chapel International. He was the first Head Pastor of the Ghana branch of T.B. Joshua's Church, Synagogue Church of All Nations.

In the latest edition of the world acclaimed Nigerian Religious magazine-Lifeway, Pastor Kayode reveals how the Head Pastor of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Prophet T.B. Joshua, the man whose 'spiritual prowess' has kept the Ghanaian presidency in bondage, virtually sent him into exile in Ghana in order to have canal knowledge of his (Pastor Kayode's) wife-Lola.

This is his story:

“It was in 1991 that my wife, Lola, and I went to the Synagogue. We went there because we had been married for nine years without any child. When we met Joshua he looked like a gentleman, a kind person and someone that could be relied on.

I saw him as someone representing God because of his physical and outward appearance. Within two weeks of our going there, he had gotten very close to my wife. That got me concerned but then I concluded that it could be because my wife hailed from the village next to his in Ondo State, Nigeria.

One day my former wife told me that the Prophet wanted her to work with him; that she had to do this before God could answer our prayer for a child. Since I did not want to be an obstacle, I gave her the go ahead.

Suddenly I found myself going there every day because we wanted the fruit of the womb. One day, Lola told me the Prophet wanted to see me. He (Joshua) told me God wanted to use me and that I should surrender myself to the service of the lord. It was a big battle in my heart and with my family.

I was born into and grew up in the salvation Army Church. My parents were leaders in the Church. All my siblings worshipped there. But finally I succumbed.

The first thing he did was to relocate me from where I lived in a three bedroom apartment at Ipaja road. He gave me a Chamber AND hall at Ikoutun Egbe. He told me that if I wanted to serve the Lord, I have to separate myself from the world, from my family and my friends.

Again I succumbed to that pressure. It was a serious battle with my family and friends. A friend of mine who was a Bank Manager at that time traced me to the Church and confronted me. “Kayode, are you crazy?” he quizzed. I told him to 'Just leave me alone!'

That was the beginning of my journey. I abandoned my parents and refused to see any of my siblings. I was placed in the evangelical department to study the scriptures. However, because of my Salvation Army background, I found loopholes in some of the things he taught us but I could not openly challenge him.

He later asked my wife to move into the church permanently, while I continue to stay in the chamber and hall. I would leave the house in the morning, go straight to the church and return home in the evening alone.

On Sunday mornings, she would rush in early in the morning around 6am, take a change of clothing and rush back to the church. Anytime I showed my desire for intimacy, she will refuse on the grounds that the Prophet said we should not sleep with each other yet.

The Prophet had to give us a 'pass' before we could make love. I found myself taking all these instructions and there was no way out. I was simply helpless and could not save myself!

On his Pastoral Assignment

After going through the Bible Training course for about three to four years, most of my colleagues left. Some of them were well educated, I remember were Professors. They left because they could not stomach those bizarre instructions, considering their well exposed background.

I was one of two or three people who remained from my set. Agomoh set came after us. After a while, a Ghanaian named Ben and I came to Ghana in 1997 to plan a crusade, We contacted the Ghana Pentecostal Council and we marketed Joshua very well to them even though many of them did not know him.

It was not a big crusade; we had about three thousand people in attendance. We returned to Nigeria and about months later. I was sent back to Ghana to start a fellowship. One sister Cecilia, rented a three bedroom apartment for us in Achimota and that became our venue.

We began to grow from there. Up till this time, my former wife remained in Lagos; we could not talk on the phone and I could not talk to my family as well. Once in a while, maybe once in six months or once in a year, Joshua would call me and put my wife on the line. Our conversation usually went like this: “How are you?” “I am fine.” “Well I just want to find out if you are okay.” That was all.

Meanwhile, the real reason why we went to Synagogue was yet to be resolved – that was our childlessness. Somehow in my pursuit of doing the will of God, the issue took a backseat in my mind. I simply wanted to do God's work, please him and see what God would do. At some point during the years, I began to awaken from my spiritual slumber. I took a series of decisions. One of them was I must see my parents.

Early one morning, while in Lagos on his orders, I left Ikotun Egbe at 5.am.for Agege and traced my parents. They received me coldly. I was not in the least surprised. But then my mum later disclosed to me that my wife had told one of my old friends that Joshua told her it was impossible for her to conceive through me, that the lack of conception was my fault.

Although, I refused to accept that, I could not press the issue as I had to hurry back so that I could meet my appointment with T.B Joshua for 9.am that day. To my utter surprise, he was aware of my visit to my parents. My so-called wife had informed him. He asked me where I was and I told him I went to see my parents. That incident jolted me back to my senses. I began to piece things together and I perceived that something was amiss.

An accident I witnessed convinced me there was something more to the relationship between Joshua and my wife. Joshua used to flog his followers, old and young. I was privy to him trying to flog my wife once, but she just walked out on him without anything happening.

For her to have the guts to walk out on him when he was flogging others convinced me there was more to their relationship.

Back in Ghana, I remained devoted to the assignment he gave me. I even single-handedly began to sponsor his programmes on Metro T.V for two years without any financial assistance from him. The allegation of my wife with the connivance of T.B Joshua that I could not father a child continued to bother me.

Besides, as a single pastor of a congregation of about two thousand plus members, I battled with temptation. I came to a decision that I needed to remarry in order to prevent falling for temptation and also to prove to Joshua, Lola and everyone who believed the lie that they were wrong.

I also needed to put this woman out of my mind and my life for good. In Ghana, I met a lady here and I told her everything about my situation. And she agreed to my proposal. To the glory of God she got pregnant. I jubilantly announced to my parents, “I told you there was nothing wrong with me!”

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  1. I hung on every word in this article. From his first encounter at The SCOAN to the burial of his father. I didn’t miss a line. I even reread the article several times. But a question is nagging my conscience I can’t reconcile: How did he get a personal appointment with Prophet T.B. Joshua on his first visit to the church? I visit the church anytime I’m in Lagos from Port Harcourt on business and I’ve seen the crowds that flood the church on Sundays. I’ve spoken with some of the thousands of foreign visitors that stay weekly at the church. I’v engaged in small talk with the ushers and coordinators. I even stayed after service a few times to receive the ministry’s evangelical items for newcomers. Everyone wants to see the prophet but the prophet is never available for individual meetings. The prophet and evangelists are fully engaged in every aspect of the service, which closes late into the night. I’ve seen the difficulty even workers have reaching the prophet due to crowds. So, how on earth did a first-time visitor to the church get a private meeting with the general overseer?
    This question is vital to the story. Because he said he was coming for prayer for fruit of the womb. People that come for prayer are attended to by evangelists in the morning, not the prophet. Haven’t we seen the queues of people lining the streets from late Saturday night just to enter the church property? Not everyone who comes to Ikotun is able to hve access the church. Not everyone seen by an evangelist or usher is able to enter the church due to space. And those that are sick and come for prayer are prayed for in the church, not in the Prophet’s office. We’ve all seen testimonies on Emmanuel TV. They always show the clips of their first visit to the church, where they explain their problem and they are always sitting in the auditorium, not the prophet’s office.
    I’m just taking this from a factual point of view because rumours are rampant in the streets today. In order not to cut our life short, we must examine everything we hear and read. Many of our brothers and sisters have died in rubber boats on the Mediterranean Sea because they ‘heard’ they could make it big in Europe if they can just get themselves there. Many of our young women have turned to sex slaves because they ‘heard’ one woman somewhere made a lot of money and took care of her family through prostitution. Many of our young men are locked in prisons in Malaysia, India, Singapore because they ‘heard’ they could get rich fast if they just carried ‘something’ to a ‘friend’ in another country. I don’t want to just ‘hear’ something and believe it. I have a responsibility to my future to find out the truth. My children will never forgive me if I die before they arrive because I believed something I ‘heard’ from ‘someone’.
    There is another issue. He is a pastor, who spent three or four years studying the bible, he said. But he impregnated a woman without divorcing his wife and marrying the new woman. Matthew 5:31, “It has been said, ‘Anyone who divorces his wife must give her a certificate of divorce’.” Mark 10:11, “Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery against her”. Til now, he is calling himself a pastor, openly confessing he has two wives (he never divorced the first one). I thought polygamy was only practiced in Islam? Christian polygamists? And on a final point, as a man, he says he saw another man take a cane and beat his wife and he did nothing to intervene? He said his wife rescued herself and he wants us to believe he just sat there?
    Nigerians. Let us not take all we hear and read without question. This article makes good gist but not good sense. It is a tale meant for spinsters and old housewives who have nothing doing, not reasonable, decent, thinking individuals. Let us not be pulled in by deception, no matter how intriguing the subject matter might be. This is not the truth; this is a man hoping to make some cool cash off of ignorant people. Let’s prove him wrong. We are not backwards people. We are Nigerians. Let’s respect ourselves.


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