"Husbands Bribe Doctors To Stitch Their Wives' V*ginas A Little Tighter After Childbirth"- Nigerian Doctor

Husbands Bribe Doctors To Stitch Their Wives' V*ginas A Little Tighter After Childbirth Nigerian Doctor

A Nigerian doctor has claimed that men bribe doctors to stitch their
wives v*ginas a little tighter after childbirth for their own selfish interest.

He tweeted: "P.S.A. Dear men; Please stop calling the doctor for a one-a-side to beg or offer to bribe him to stitch up your wife's vajayjay a lirru tighter after delivery so it can be tight enough for you to enjoy s*x again. Issa scum behaviour plis. Signed: management."

Another doctor, Henry Njeakor commented, "I don't even  understand this. It just portrays so much selfishness. Men can really be scum. Wife is in pains of episiotomy but na make dey ur mind. Amadioha knocks ur head there.....Esp the ok mes that won't completely pay the hosp bills oooo.Commanders!!"

See the screenshots of the interaction below.

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@Kunlesco: When they say men are scum, the same men will claim they are insulting them. At least your fellow male folk is telling the world what you people are thinking of even as your wife is almost dying from the pain of childbirth.

@Seglex; I guess our men are heartless and have little understanding of what our wives are experiencing as a result of making us fathers. Life Delima!

@Wunmi238; There is no big deal if that's what my husband requested to shut his sanity from engaging in an extra-marital affair. I can't share his lamba with anyone. Lol

This is really hard to believe.

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