I can't stop sleeping with my father says a 14years old girl.

Young girl has claimed to enjoy sleeping with her
dad since she was 14 years old she said.
She said she has not been able to love any other man apart from her dad whom she has found satisfying.

She goes by the name Tinuke Ajenufuja,
obviously a Yoruba girl from Ekiti state in Nigeria, she also added that she has two elder brothers and an elder sister.
She explained that she loved and prepared going out with her father than any other person, her father's name she said is Mr. Samuel Ajenufuja whom she loves taking shower together with.

She explained that it started on a normal day, Tinuke and her dad went for an outing as they normally do, after all the fun between a father and his daughter, they decided to go home, on getting to the house, it was empty, everyone (her siblings and mother) had gone out also.
And the episode started, Tinuke's father decided to take his bath so he could rest his head, but Tinuke asked to join him in the bath, the father didn't refuse, he agreed and they both got naked in the bathroom taking their bath, Tinuke touched her father's "power house" expecting him to caution her and probably quarrel her but he didn't, instead she noticed the power house coming alive, boom and they had se*x in the bathroom (probably what he's never done with his wife before)

Since that happened, it became costume to the both party to enjoy themselves whenever everyone else is out of the house.
She claims to enjoy her father's performance and haven't been able to have a working relationship since she started having s*x with her father.

She said her mother has become worried that she hadn't brought any man home to introduce to her, not knowing that her man is in the house and she's sharing with the mother.

I'm her words she said to herself....
" My father is my fiancee "
And now she's seeking advice from Nigerians, she asks " How would I tell my mother that my father is my fiancee?P lease come to my rescue. What can I do?"

Please be kind to her...

I know it's a very odd thing to do but then it has happened, what's your advice?

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