"If you employ them, this what'll happen to you"-Oyedepo blows hot over millions stolen by church officials

If you employ them, this what'll happen to you Oyedepo blows hot over millions stolen by church officials

 The report has it that some top officials of Living faith chapel
worldwide have been allegedly brought to church notice to be far careful from having anything to do with them after stolen church multi-million naira treasury.

The G.O Bishop David Oyedepo of the church, at the yearly annual event, which is generally in attendant by ministers of God, zonal pastors and their colleagues, elders, ushers and other appointed specialists of the congregation, where they are familiar with the congregation's program for the year, was managed by Oyedepo, while his delegate, Bishop David Abioye, was likewise in participation. The two men served effectively. Oyedepo preached on service in the vineyard of God, while Abioye talked on consistency in service.

Towards the end of the program, however, Oyedepo took some time to talk about the goings-on in the church. He revealed how some very high up officials, mainly accountants, had looted the church’s treasury.
The Bishop could not hide his disappointment that professionals trusted by the church to prevent fraud turned themselves into a network of fraudsters.
Expressing his disappointment in the errant church officials, who have since been relieved of their positions in the church, he said: “Can you imagine accountants perpetrating fraud in the house of God?
“We had no choice but to dismiss them. You can imagine top church officials engaging in doubling figures and other dubious practices.
“Even after we dismissed them, we discovered more fraud.

“Those who should discover the fraud were the ones involved in it. One of them refused to confess until the last minute.”
He admonished the church members against employing the dismissed officials. He said he had to tell everyone present because he knew the dismissed officials “will come to you for employment.”
“Don’t employ them and don’t sympathize with them. Whoever sympathizes with the wicked is wicked himself.”

Everyone remained silent in great astonishment has the presiding Bishop cautioned: “Don’t sympathize with any perpetrator of fraud, otherwise you are a partaker of the evil act.

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