"Jesus is not just a prophet, but a Son of GOD, He's coming"- Arab Muslim Accept Jesus Christ(Video)

Jesus is not just a prophet, but a Son of GOD, He's coming Arab Muslim Accept Jesus Christ
Arab Muslim man, who had a divine encounter out of mercy
with JESUS has boldly declared him as the son of GOD and  not just a Prophet.

The Arabian man sighted by Aynaijang News on the video elucidated how he received the divine spirit of Christ from above while he was watching a live gospel program on a Tv station.

He further disclosed how he distastefully detests Christianity right from the onset before he surrendered and received him as his LORD and savior.

He recounted how he avoided seeing the gaze of a cross, and also how he felt emptiness within himself for so long before  the appearance of JESUS  to him.

You need to watch the video to hear his full testimony.
Video Below:

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  1. God's love is so strong that this 2020 He will by His divine power draw notable non Christians to the Faith in God's only begotten Son Jesus Christ. The Spirit is already moving.God is in a hurry to take delivery of what Jesus paid for with His blood and life on the cross which are souls stil outside Christfold.
    The unexpected person will be the next. And that is the love of God in Christ Jesus. He loves he that hate Him. Jesus Is coming again.

  2. Baseless no factual evidence on him message. I believe he is Christian pretending to be Muslim trying mislead the world

    1. And some fell on the path and the birds came and ate them

  3. If the Lord has decided to help us speak and reveal Himself directly to moslems,Then I will be encourage to give all even my life for the Gospel

  4. God is NO respector of persons if you sincerely seem GOD he will minister to you even NOW

  5. He's d way d truth,and d life

  6. Truly the day of the LORD is at hand

  7. Oooooo Jesus Christ is invisible more than words or imagination he is a reality version of life truth except one is been convicted by the holy Spirit then they will confess him Lord and savior.those thinking this is just a fiction I pray that Jesus Christ visit u as did onto this man so you would know this real amen


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