”My born again fiance has a big snake tattooed on her back"- Man cries out

A Nigerian man planning for his wedding with his wife-to-be has
cried out after she discovered that his born again wife has a snake tattooed on her back.

Aynaijang figured out that the actual problem isn't with the tattoo but the representation of what a snake means to the spiritual world.

The man in question cried out to seek for advice from Mr. Adeniran Ayomide, anchor of Marriage and relationship without tears.

He wrote;
 Good morning, I'm engaged to a beautiful woman and to be married soon as planned for. We've already started our marriage class. We have never been intimate before because we are born again.
We are a very good devoted Christian. She visited my house recently and after helping my mother out with some work, while she was taking her bath, out of curiosity, i peeped. What i saw wasn't funny at all, she draw a big python at her back. In fact, the snake tattooed covered 80% of her back.

I don't know how to sort it out with her. What's a snake tattoo doing at the back of a born again Christian lady. If it's an ordinary tattoo like a flower, i won't bother. Why did she choose a snake? I want to discuss it with her, but how will i tell her how i saw it?
Won't she pick offense that I peeped on her when she was bathing? We agreed on no s*x till our wedding night. Please, what can i do?

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