"My friend was killed for Yahoo plus ritual by her boyfriend"- Nigerian Lady cries out

A Nigerian lady has been allegedly slain for money ritual
sacrifice by her alleged Yahoo boy boyfriend.

A Nigerian lady best known as a friend to the deceased took to Facebook social media platform to narrate how one of her friend cousins was murdered, admonished ladies to desist from embarking on a fruitful journey with yahoo boys.

According to a short-piece write-up sighted on Facebook posted by Abigail Gold, one of her friend cousin's life was cut short by her partner.
She further revealed that the culprit killed his girlfriend, Ututu Oma purposely for sacrifices requested by his herbalist.

To those who don't understand, Yahoo plus is allegedly a branch of cyber-crime, yahoo-yahoo which involves using of human part, blood or more as sacrifices to further the success of the cyber-crime.

Abigail exposed how the deceased  was poisoned by her boyfriend.
She also said that the man involved in the cyber-crime has eventually been apprehended by  Nigerian police, but yet to be prosecuted.

She wrote;

May her soul rest in peace.

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