Nigeria is tithe Poverty Capital of the World and it’s all Planned by her Leaders/Rulers-CharlyBoy

Charly boy

Look at mankind, look at Naijas,  see how we run from pillar to post.
Naija living as enemies: Yorubas hating  Igbos, Hausas hating Ijaws, Instigators of the hate massage running a-mock all over the place, fuelling the seeds of tribalism, an instrument of mass confusion (and maybe our final destruction?).

See how the  masses  are hating on their fellow citizen for the sake of religion, haters of the have-nots against the haves, hating and being hated. Only in Naija,  where sacrifice is seen as cowardice, love perceived as weakness, honesty as foolishness, humility as stupidity. Who is the yeye Mumu pilot of this plane, where is our destination as a country, where are we headed?

See how a few are dancing azonto as  the millions outside their fence die of hunger. See how some of us will put a sword to every throat and end the lives of everyone that bears a different name. Yeah! We only care for our own household, our own children and never care about what happens in our backyards.

See how greed, selfishness and corruption has eaten up every sense of reason, every sense of responsibility. Many young people have been abandoned by fathers who are madly engaged in the losing battle of survival; many mothers have been pulled away from their natural hearts of compassion,  family values and love in confusion. They wonder constantly, tempted by promises made by heartless and ruthless men
Welcome to  Naija, a land where anything goes, where the poor are used as pawns for the entertainment pleasure of the rich and the frauds. I just keep wondering what will happen to our children, what will the next generation become, is there any good left for them to learn? What can a teacher teach when he is battling with the rat race, his life overtaken by hopelessness, so how can the students pass without any intervention? My guy na wa! This is all a bad dream, I wish I could wake up!
Ohhhh Naija! It is hard to imagine the level of deception and power drunkenness  within our government. Round after round of unimaginable afflictions poured out on the people like bullets from hell's  darkest parts. No compassion on the poor suffering masses. Ghana must go Ghana must go, haven't Ghana left us? Yet we hold on to our past glory as the giant of Africa, where life is cheap and has no meaning. How can an elephant be acting like a rat?As inconceivable, it is the reality of the day.
Yes ooooo, we were once the giant of Africa, but now it is a title we even mock ourselves with, what a shame! Its so bad that the rest of the world cant stand our body odour as a country, pungent, nauseating and totally dangerous.  Our air has become poisonous and when we appear on a scene, it calls for caution. Ohhhh  Naija, where is the future of the youths,? Stolen!.
All that we have achieved  through the years, destroyed by the mediocrity of the leadership. Because of our reputation for being a country run by gangsters, fraudsters, tricksters, thieves and killers, no one is taking us serious, except for people who have come to steal what's left of what we have and the fraud-'stars" who help them with the looting of what's left of our future. Where we dey go, Ohhhh Naija!...untold poverty from the south to the north from the east to the west. Even in this poverty we stand un-united, what proof do we still need to ask questions about our destination and to start to remedy the mistakes we have made through our insane greed. Hummmmmmmm! OhhhhNaija, here nobody send anybody!
Oh My God! I need to wake up from this nightmare that has held me paralyzed in my dreams. What can take this pain away, what can sanitize  our decayed minds, what can make it well for us again? The real Men of God should take their role in teaching the people the Truth. I see the wickedness in their pretense, wearing the righteous robe, I even see satan taking over some churches and all his agents, pastors and fake men of god, bowing.  Ohhhh Naija!, so some of these people have been serving the devil and we had no idea.
Lets face the truth we have always hated: the fact that we are all guilty in derailing the future of our country. If not, why haven't we done a damn thing to stop it from spinning out of control, doesn't the solution of our problem lie in our hands? We dont know what to do?  The only reason you are saying that is because everyone of us is waiting for anyone of us that can bell the cat. Only Nigerians  can fix Nigeria's  problem, why must we always trow our hands in the air and say! "God dey" is that not a poor mans prayer, does it mean we shall remain poor all the days of our lives?
Fellow Nigerians, sore knees cannot bribe the all Mighty God.
There are many political, spiritual, economic and moral issues in this country that are yet to be resolved. These problems have hung in the air far too long, now the drums of 2023 are beating for another mad dance of votes that are bought, people maimed in the name of election, the result always funny as losers often end up being the winners and votes simply turning up in areas where they are not cast. The sad thing is that all these are contrived. The poverty, the hatred for one another, they’re all systematic. These were created to distract us from caring about the robbery they are doing.
Ohhhh  Naija! See how we have left our youths stranded. I wonder how some of us rise to face everyday with little or no hope, I wonder how we manage to stand every morning, jumping on  okada, keke , or on the crowded bus bearing the horrors for so many years. Ok, they say that we are the most resilient people in the world, how do we convert this survival instinct to fuel for a move for change, when everyone will join their hurting hearts and make the heat a Fuel for the fire that will burn away the many evil things that droop over us like a hang man's noose?
Say what you like about some of the weak and derailed youths of Naija, I still believe that the salvation of this country lies in the hands of its exceptional youths; no matter what, my  last hope still remains with the youths even though their environment has been poisoned by our leaders and elders.
The generation NEXT is caught in a bad position: the country they need to save is the very one that deprives and destroys their value, the same environment that blurs their vision of right and wrong, as they mimic the older generation, learning the stealing trade, devising and cheating...driven by the lust for money, power and fame.
Sometimes it may seem that there is no way or no solution to our problem, sometimes the   forward seems too far-fetched but I still believe in the exceptional Nigerian youths, they will emerge when the time comes.
Meanwhile, lets keep sanitising the minds and the hearts of our youths towards a nation that is meant to be successful, comfortable and economically progressive.
I challenge the youths towards changing their mindset.
Lets inspire one another to stand out and do great stuffs, not what is popular, but what is different, what can add value in our homes and on our streets.
Great Naija youths, stop whining and sagging, swing into action, take the oath of authority now, assume your leadership role with the philosophy that the supreme authority under every democratic regime resides with the people.
Remember, who will save Nigeria from Nigeria if not YOU.

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