Pastor Adeboye Under Heavy Criticism Over 2020 Prophecies About Nigeria

Pastor Adeboye Under Heavy Criticism Over 2020 Prophecies About Nigeria

Pastor E.A Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed
Christian Church of God (RCCG) has come under heavy criticism following the prophecies for the year 2020 which he revealed at the cross over service at the Redemption Camp in Ogun State.
Pastor Adeboye said this will be a year of series of battles and on the international scene, he said earthquakes and volcanoes will erupt because sin is becoming more rampant in the world.

The clergy man also said will be change of government all around the world. According to him, some will be peaceful, while others won’t.
In reaction to his prophecies, Nigerians have taken to Social Media to condemn his prophecies.

A Facebook user identified as Bright wrote that "In this video, where the charlatan in chief of lagos-ibadan expressway was making predictions for 2020, he mentioned that 2020 will witness a lot of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions because sin is rampant and god is angry with us. While any goat who watches national geographic channel will obviously know this (Adeboye obviously watched National geographic channel and copied their analysis as predictions), his assertion that they are caused by sin is contrary to what my friend, a graduate of geography learnt in school that earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are caused by combinations of physical forces underneath the earth crust.

That this man has graduates, MSc. and Ph.d holders and professors of geography and geology in his church is a pointer to the fact that Nigerian education has failed."
Another Facebook user identified as Israel wrote that "If you're one of those propagating that Adeboye's prophecies for 2020, I fear you. I doubt if you won't stampede the progress of this country by being a major stumbling block. The last time I checked, the essence of education is to free the mind and open eyes, but the rate at which our people masturbate in ignorance in this part of the world is annoying, saddening and embarrassing. Unfortunately, this cannot be unconnected from the fact that education has bebastardizedsed.
 This is one of the reasons we need to demfor proper funding of the educational sector because, Adeboye himself is a product of that failed educational system. If not, I am sure he wouldn't have vomited the nonsense he did vomit that there'da  be volcanic eruption as a result of excess sins in Nigeria. I fear! I weep! I tremble!"

Also, a Facebook User identified as Abiodun Sanusi wrote that "If I meet Pastor Adeboye, he'll have to explain to me how earthquakequake & volcano would happen in Nigeria this year, or refun4-year year school fee for my BSc. in Geography!"

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