Prophet T.B. Joshua visited my wife to kill her, He's a fake prophet - Nigerian Man tells it all

Prophet T.B. Joshua visited my wife to kill he, He's a fake prophet Nigerian Man tells it all

In reaction to the viral report that sparked reactions on opera news
as regards the revelation made by Pastor Peter Kayode, former head Pastor of Synagogue Ghana branch, after he depicted how presiding Prophet, T.B. Joshua, took his first wife away from him and how he was delivered from his bondage.
If you missed the story Read Here.

Following his heart melt reports, an anonymous user on Opera news has taken to the comment section to affirm the report and attest to everything that was said by Pastor Peter Kayode, He wrote;

"I can attest to everything he said is true! I joined synagogue with my family about the same time when we got fed up with white garments churches! I was working in Ogun state while my wife was a teacher in Lagos. soon my wife resigned her job to be a full-time Christ worker in synagogue claiming she had found Jesus and that synagogue was her last bus stop. she rented a room at ikotun to be close to synagogue for she was supervising over 5000 women workers! I took our children to Ogun to live with me. when my wife managed to visit us once in 3 months and I wanted to go near her she would decline to say 'papa' would know and she would be punished on her return. I became infuriated and started praying seriously to God to deliver my wife to me! Meanwhile, I was attending RCCG in Ogun state. God answered my prayer and one day I went to ikotun in a borrowed car to bring my wife back by force by fire! I fasted and prayed in tongues too and fro! Joshua visited my wife in broad daylight in a dream to kill her but he failed glory be to God! It took several deliverance sessions before my wife was totally delivered! JOSHUA IS NOT A MAN OF GOD! I even wondered he has lasted so long! oh God is so merciful and does not wish any sinner to perish! if u are still in synagogue run for ur dear life! run to Jesus in a living church! my testimony is true! I have nothing to gain in slandering a man of God!

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