Secret Deal Between TB Joshua And Chris Oyakhilome Exposed

Secret Deal Between TB Joshua And Chris Oyakhilome Exposed

The secret transaction among men of God to the detriment
of the followers has been unmasked. Its’ disheartening to note the suspicions within the body of Christ and how things are falling apart..

A former associate pastor of TB Joshua revealed that the General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, TB Joshua had a sinister plan to deceive the Head Pastor of the Christ Embassy Church, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome into becoming a disciple.
Hear what he had to say, “at this time, we at the synagogue church of all nation discovered that Pastor Cchris was a secret admirer of TB Joshua,” so we began to do a background check on him, with a plan to initiate him into our fold so that he can assist us gain acceptance in to the body of Christ, especially into the PFN”. Aynaijang News Learnt

“The PFN had rejected TB Joshua when he exposed himself by mistake to the world on a radio interview. In that interview, he was asked to explain to the world how he got born again, and how he got his power? TB Joshua responded by saying that “I got born again in my mothers’ womb, therefore, my born again experience was in the womb, my mother’s womb. And there I received all the power that I used” he concluded.

“As a result of that revelation, the PFN became aware of who he is, that he is not a servant of God, but of his father devil, the antichrist. The PFN therefore rejected him (TB Joshua)”.

Pastor Godswill further revealed that the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) had never believed in the Pastoral capabilities of T.B Joshua and therefore would not accept him into its fold.

“TB Joshua had a strategic meet on how to get Pastor Oyakhilome to endorse and announce him to the Christians in Nigeria and around the world,” he continued.
“So It was well orchestrated by the Synagogue head Pastor to send the information out to Nigerians with the intent to lie that even Pastor Chris has approved and validated his Pastoral credentials” and with the plan in place, Pastor Chris was to make an open introduction of TB Joshua before coming to the Church.

This became necessary because prior to this time, only white garment church ministers from Celestial churches, and Cherubim and Seraphim Churches visited. No genuine Pentecostal/ Charismatic ministers came.
However, A popular man of God from America, known as TD Jakes, got interested with what he saw him do on TV and wanted to visit him once he is in Nigeria. He began to enquire more about TB Joshua.

“T.D Jakes before visiting Nigeria, sent a letter to the PFN that they should explain to him who Joshua was otherwise he would visit him as he had heard a lot about him.
PFN replied that Joshua was not a Christian, and therefore not a member of the association.

That did not go down well Joshua and so he decided that the way out was to punch a hole in their rank”.

Pastor Godswill continued: “In Synagogue, we don’t watch other television stations, or read newspapers; we only watch our church programmes.
He sent for me one evening to come and watch Oyakhilome who was on air. He ridiculed him and ran him down saying he was an amateur who wanted to perform miracles. At the end of the programme, he asked one of the disciples to call the number on the screen. And the call went through and he requested to speak with Oyakhilome.
The Bait: He flattered him, told him how impressed he was with his programme and the healings and miracles. At the end of the conversation, Oyakhilome promised to visit the Synagogue”.
According to Pastor Godswill, “Immediately, he told us to get all the journalists on our pay roll and instructed the visitor’s coordinating zone to fix cameras everywhere even outside the gate so that if Oyakhilome gets only as far as the gate the visit would be captured. That was what we did.
The journalists were briefed. And they were told what they would write and release to Nigerians. The day was a fun fare; Joshua took Oyakhilome to every part of the Synagogue. Afterwards, Oyakhilome drove Joshua to the old site.
 What happened there I was not privy to. By the way, we gave different conflicting stories to the journalists so that there will be confusion in the minds of the readers. Every story you read about that incident was given to the journalists by us”.
“The strategy”, Pastor Godswill said “was to complicate and confuse the matter. We had about six different versions of the story? How did the journalists get to know the visit? We orchestrated it. The question we wanted to raise in the minds of the people is “If T.B Joshua is not of God why did Pastor Chris go there? That means Oyakhilome also is not of God…
After that visit, Oyahkhilome came again on a Wednesday during a Blood of Jesus Service. By the way Oyahkhilome came again on a Wednesday, visited at various times after the first visit and he and Joshua used to drive alone to the old site (Where the shrine was). The relationship had blossomed before Pastor Chris was invited to the Blood Service. That was the day they both prayed for the purportedly crippled man
In reality the man only had multiple sclerosis that sometimes made him fall at any time. That was why he went around in wheelchair to prevent accidents that could cost him fall at any time. The man was reported to be crippled and Joshua invited Pastor Chris to pray for him”.
“ Now when Joshua wanted to transfer power to his disciples he would put his hands on their back. That was exactly what he did to Oyahkhilome. So if you watch the video of power transfer to the disciples and that of Oyahkhilome there is no difference. It was deliberate. By the way the man walked the same way he would normally walk“, Pastor Godswill revealed.
He further disclosed that “the distance we recorded in the testimony was not more than what he would do in his house. When it was time to pray for the long emergency line, Joshua invited Oyahkhilome to go inside the ring and join the rest of us junior prophets while he (Joshua) stood by…

It was deliberate; that automatically put Oyahkhilome in the ranks of the junior prophets while he (Joshua) stood by as the leader and supervisor. Immediately after Oyahkhilome’s visit Pentecostal Pastors began to come to the Synagogue”.
He also spoke about the hand and leg movements at the Synagogue during healing session: That is the spiritual aspect. The main power flow has nothing to do with the hand movement. What you see on the telecast is hypnotism at its best. When you are filled with that power, if you open your eyes and fixed your gaze on the recipient of the healings or whatever, you can see when the person’s spirit will leave the body.
At that point, whatever you think in your mind as you fix your gaze on that person is what the person would do. If you want the person to confess that he killed his mother, it shall be so under that influence. And when the spirit returned they could not remember anything…
We used those hand and leg movements with deep penetrating gaze to control the human body. Sometimes when a person was falling and we observed he could injure himself, we could move the person either from falling away from any dangerous object with our mind. It’s pure hypnotism”.

“ I can say that I was personally initiated but I cannot speak for others because, I cannot say since I was not there. But the much that I was privy to, I have divulged”, adding, “was initiated in that shrine. We call it mountain. Every one of the junior prophets has a personal hut in that shrine. We don’t call it shrine; we call it mountains, just like every other church consecrates a particular place as their prayer mountain”.
He again revealed that “there is a general place where other members can camp but there is also a special place where only Joshua could go. Next to Joshua were late Prophet Benson and myself. Only the two of us were initiated and given access to the first level of spiritual operation. He told us he had ten levels, but we only got as far as the first level”.

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