See how fraudsters get your BVN and DOB to transfer money from your account

See how fraudsters get your BVN and DOB to transfer money from your account

Today, the information is all about your Bank Verification
Number, also known as BVN. If you have a bank account or any form of formal financial needs (getting a loan, using digital payments etc), your BVN is the key to everything. Whether you want to open a bank account, set up a company account or use any existing financial service in Nigeria, your BVN serves as your ID card.<
With your BVN, fraudsters can get your account number, the phone number you use and your date of birth for OTP and the rest of your financial information. With these details, they can take loans on your behalf without your knowledge, use your ATM cards to purchase items online and even withdraw or transfer money from your account.

These are the methods fraudsters use to get your BVN and other details

1. They calls you on the phone or send you an email or text message requesting for your BVN. DO NOT SHARE YOUR BVN WITH THEM. If you have doubts, reach out to your bank or financial service provider and ask them directly if they need your information.
2. Never supply your BVN or bank details to a site with a web address like this 'http://' A secured website must be like this 'https://' the 's' stand for security.
3. If you have an issue at the bank and you are told to write a letter and you made a mistake in the letter. If you are asked to write another letter, make sure you collect the one with a mistake. Fraudsters get bank details from documents disposed by banks.
5. Never store your BVN on your mobile phone with the name MY BVN.
6. Remove the mobile number you use to receive bank alerts from all your social media. Try and get another mobile for social media.

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