"Sleeping with mom help boost my business"- Man Confesses After Caught in Bed With Mom

An unexpected incident has got people talking over the
forbidden and vulgarity of a 37 Zimbabwean businessman, who was red-handedly caught making love with the woman best known as his mother claiming it helps boost his business.

Tadiwa Rushungo uncovered that the unlawful connection between the two began two years back after the demise of his dad. As indicated by Rushungo, the two were engaging in s*xual relations consistently every month end as commanded by their Spiritual father, to enable the family to help its riches. Nobody presumed anything between the two until one critical day as they were gotten by a neighbor over the span of committing the stunning and upsetting act.

Upon dragged to authorities fr their nasty behavior, Rushumbo, a father of four accepted of his so-called relationship with his own mother before jumping into defending himself that the relationship with his mother was meant to boost their family’s business of which both were beneficiaries. He even proved that ever since their illicit affair, they had managed to buy a new house in Gokwe center and two commuter omnibuses. When asked on her part the mother, only addresses as Mashamba said she agreed to sleep because she was instructed to do so by the traditional healer following the death of her husband who was the owner of the businesses. She said the healer had told her that if she didn’t do so, the businesses would crumble.

What is your say on this kind of situation?

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