"Stop giving yourself headache, if you die he will fuck within 48hrs"- Woman warns, Nigerians reacts

Stop giving yourself headache, if you die he will fuck within 48hrs Woman warns, Nigerians reacts

A Married Nigerian woman has spilled out her words of advise
to couples of this present generation, admonished them to desist from giving themselves unnecessary headache and halt being too possessive in their marriage.

The rate at which marriages are crashing these days and depression that has led to numerous deaths in the name of marriage is a cause for concern. It is heartbreaking to see couples in love get married to build their lives together and all of a sudden, they are calling it quits, committing suicide, and more.

This Nigerian woman was seen in a video sighted by Aynaijang News, jokingly mimicking usual manners in which most couples always react during the course of their unfaithful marriage.

Excerpt of what the woman said:

Oh my God! My Husband. Oh my God! My Wife.
I've suffered with him!
Ogberan (Mr Man/ Madam), Keep shut.
You'll just kill yourself.
 Stop stressing yourself over your spouse cause when you die they will sleep with another person 48hours after your death.
When your existence couldn't stop him/her from f*cking outside, what will hold him/her when you are dead.

What's your opinion on this?

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