"Until the day condom fell from my Bible during deliverance, then I believe none can deceive God"- Pastor

"Until the day condom fell from my Bible during deliverance, then I believe none can deceive God"- Pastor
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A repented fake pastor by name Pastor Michael has described how he was
beaten up during a convention he hosted. He said he never knew that even the devil will run away from your evil deeds one day.
He said during the last day of the convention, he was in a hotel with one of his choiresters whom he do pay exorbitantly.

 He narrated thus: " I can tell you that the devil is truely evil, I left the condom pack I used inside my bible. Since the bible was open, I never knew that the condom pack fell on the bible after using it.The excitement was on me till daybreak. All I did was wake up late and quickly got prepared. In the moment of that rush so that i don't go late was the moment of my greatest mistake, I covered the bible straight up to church.

It was during an altar call, as something told me to go and carry my bible not knowing it was the devil, I carried it and opened it to pray. The two torn condom packs fell on the head of one of the persons that came out for the call. It was a convention I just hosted in a strange community and people were truely out to receive the word with utmost belief in me.

The guy who happened to be a drug addict got up and held my neck, my protocols came for the rescue but I had already received several punches. The church was in disarray and confusion. All they were shouting was fake pastor kill him, kill him. I knew my end has come. I managed to be guided my my members into my car, ever since then I have decided to leave sins and stop deceiving myself."
He went ahead to advice all fake pastors to be worry because a day of revelation will come.

"If you are playing God, you will be disgraced and punished in life here and in hell." He has lost all his members, his church and family.
He urged people to watch his confession on YouTube with the name pastor Mike and change their ways.

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