• Untold Story How Toyin Abraham's Husband, Kolawole Separated With Ex, Actress Bukola Adeeyo
  • Untold Story How Toyin Abraham's Husband, Kolawole Seperated With Ex, Actress Bukola Adeeyo

    "My father used to tell me that dreams come...," that is a line from
    one of the songs of one of the finest artistes Nigeria has seen, Tuface Idibia. And truly, dreams do come true. But not all dreams.

     Some dreams are not just meant to come true no matter how the dreamer tries. If he likes, he can go back to sleep back and forth and re-dream the dream over and over again, the dream would still not come true if the scenario in it is never meant to be. Especially, when a better reality is in stock for the dreamer.

    And may be, that is the case with popular actress, Toyin Abraham (or should she be called Toyin Ajeyemi?)'s new husband, Kola Ajeyemi, when he was still much younger and revelling in some fantasies with his ex-lover, Bukola Adeeyo, at the time they were both still finding their footing in the movie industry. Back then in Abeokuta, Ogun State, the affair of Kola Ajeyemi who is also known as Awilo with Bukola was an open secret to everyone that knew them. Kola was especially deeply in love with her that he was always quick to introduce her as his babe to anyone he was meeting with her beside him, for the first time.

    So it was, sometime in 2011 when this writer arranged a magazine interview for him (Awilo) with a journalist friend who wanted some entertainers' interviews for his Entertainment Pages in a new magazine. After Awilo had been introduced to the journalist friend who came to interview him, Awilo was quick to ask Bukola Adeeyo over from where she was at the movie location where the interview was to take place, so that she could be introduced to the press men who just came. And after the introduction, trust Awilo, he also solicited that his babe should be interviewed too as an actress, and his request was granted by the visiting journalist.

    Meanwhile, in the course of Awilo's interview, since he had already featured in Odunlade Adekola's "Emi Ni Ire Kan" and "Sunday Dagboru" and his face had become somewhat popular, he was asked how he was relating with his female fans that clustered almost around every where and he answered that, " That happens every where. If you are nobody no one cares about you. Since two years ago it's been alarming. Especially, last year. I was shocked because, I keep switching off my phone almost every time. I don't know where they got my numbers. Some even go to the extent of if just only once, let's do it. But I keep reminding myself of where I come from and the family I come from."
    Awilo was probed further jokingly that, How many of the "application" he later considered and he answered, just like any other actor would have said, that, "No one was approved because I know where I am coming from and where I am going to." And the reason according to him was because, "I have a wife and she is Bukola Adeeyo.

    She is also an actress and was also in 'Sunday Dagboru'." Note, he even called her his wife because they were apparently living together at that point in time.
    But from the cases that had been seen of celebrity relationships getting crashed sooner rather than later, Awilo was asked the question that, "Don't you ever think for once about the high level of celebrity separation, don't you think it might affect your relationship too because it is every where in the world?" And this was his response, " Though, we have not yet formerlized our wedding but we live together. And I'm not bothered about all the separation thing because she comes from a good Christian home which I also come from. We attend the same Church and since acting is what we wanted, we just have to do keep it up with guidance from the church that we both attend."

    He then added that, "I am not afraid of any separation because she is also not the wayward type and everyone can testify to that. So, we are both good to go." On if he ever thought everything could change when fame fully arrived, he still maintained that, "No it wont change." But lo and behold today, Awilo is married to Toyin Abraham with a kid, and Bukola Adeeyo to someone else with two kids already. What a dream that never came true from him. However, he is better off today. Praise da Lord!

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