What Happens After Three Curses Late Prophet Ajanaku Rained On Tope Alabi Before His Death

What Happens After Three Curses Late Prophet Ajanaku Rained On Tope Alabi Before His Death

The holy book affirms that no one can curse who the
Lord has blessed. The most engaged Yoruba gospel artist, Tope Alabi, appears to have shone on and glowingly so six years after the demise of his late otherworldly father, late Prophet Iretiola Elijah Ajanaku.

The vulgar stories stood out as truly newsworthy among 2012 and August 2013, when the so called prophet passed on. In any case, we won't overlook in a rush every one of the disasters and frequenting fears that a portion of the prophet's curses left in the wake of his end.

Back on a memory lane, their nagging quarrel had refused to abate while Ireti Ajanaku, the General Overseer of Christ Revival Victory Chapel in one of his Sunday services told the congregation that Tope Alabi, his biggest beneficiary is also the most ungrateful person he’d known all his life. In the said sermon in September 2012, he challenged the entire congregation to ask if despite all he’d done (for Tope Alabi) she has said thank you to him with a small bowl of rice let alone money.

The badly angered prophet went on sermonizing. The he paused, reopened a fresh chapter of admonition over Tope Alabi’s ingratitude- then the curses, with the fury of a raging tempest, rained in torrents.
In that particular sermon- late Prophet Ajanaku said Tope Alabi didn’t deserve his response but because she’d been discreetly slandering him, she would bite her fingers in tears. He cursed that she’d go back to listen to an album she’d once waxed in his honour titled ‘Angeli Mi’ (My Angel) and curse the day she was born.

While the in-fighting lasted till December, the crossover night service of 2012, many had thought the matter would have been resolved. They had hoped that Tope Alabi would visit her Father-in-The-Lord and apologise for what the man had against her.
Incidentally, the gospel singer disappointed those thing so. Prior to that time, Ajanaku had alleged that his major grouse against Tope Alabi was that she became so big and proud that she shuns the church like a plague. She’d even boycott major church revivals whose advertisement had gone wide and far with people expecting Tope Alabi as the guest singer.

Long story shortened, at the crossover service of 2012, Tope Alabi made sudden appearance in the church, but refused to sit in the VIP seat meant of senior church members. Ajanaku was on the pulpit and had noticed that Tope Alabi shunned the seat, but he went on preaching and feigning all was well until a few minutes before 12pm. He placed the second curse with all the anger and authority left in his tongue: “Heaven is unseating somebody tonight and replacing the fellow with a much younger person with greater glory.”

Tope Alabi got the drift quite clearly and only God knows whether she finished the crossover service in the church before bolting out of a place once her spiritual fortress.

Then Ajanaku went on to introduce a truly much younger singer, Ifemide, 19-Years-Old at the time. It’s unclear whether he was the one who renamed the girl or she came with that name originally from birth. Truth be told, the girl, in mystery sang like an angel in a voice by far more soothing that Tope Alabi’s and the church, still in awe, literally danced like demons.

There was a rousing welcome to the new queen who had emerged to replace the outgoing and so was what the church believed. Ifemide became the apple of Ajanaku’s eyes and had become the envy of many who had sought a special place in the prophet’s heart. He helped her with all the social networks that he had, maybe with some that had worked for Tope Alabi. We remember that he had also invited gospel maestro, Lanre Teriba, and handed the girl over to him for mentoring.

Sometime in February, 2013 when it became certain Tope Alabi was never going to return and had also stayed underground with many wondering what was happening to her- Prophet Ajanaku fired the last curse, he said with a metaphor when he was pontificating on Tope Alabi in a sermon;
“Leave Tope alone, you think she’s not wise? She knows what she’s doing. But you know the ceiling fan don’t just stop rolling the second you switch off, with its characteristic bravado, it rolls some more seconds until it halts its last.”

While all of this was happening, Ajanaku was getting scoops from mongers that Tope Alabi was seeking spiritual refuge everywhere in Nigeria. She was alleged to have been ignored by Bishop David Oyedepo in whose honour she did a beautiful single. Prophet Ajanaku thought her travails had not even started, life was going to be all hell for a traitor.

A few months after, the prophet was said to have gone to a mountain on spiritual seclusion, took ill from there and alas- the man died!

Every other thing about his burial which happened 11 months after his death and the church is all over the internet- so let’s not belabour it.

Tope Alabi released a song shortly after titled ‘Oruko Titun’ (A New Name) and expunged every trace of connection to the late prophet who she praise-sung in nearly all her previous albums.

Today, Tope Alabi a numero uno Yoruba gospel singer. Her songs are the most downloaded on Youtube and there’s hardly any church in Nigeria where her songs haven’t become reference for either praise or worship sessions.

Interestingly so, Tope Alabi, got invited as a special guest singer by Bishop David Oyedepo’s Faith Tabernacle to serenade the bishop’s wife, Faith Oyedepo, at her lavish 60 th birthday celebration.
And today again, Tope Alabi has become a permanent fixture on Africa’s largest praise-worship concert- The Experience.

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