Why K1 Got Mad Over Davido’s Bigger Artiste Fee After London Show

Why K1 Got Mad Over Davido’s Bigger Artiste Fee After London Show

K1 De Ultimate: King of Fuji Music, Olasunkanmi
Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, a 63-year-old maestro and one of the most widely travelled musicians on the continent, remains the most sought-after act in his genre of music. K1 De Ultimate is said to be as influential enough to choose the dates that organizers of events can stage their shows/parties if they want him on the bandstand.

  K1 charges between N5m-N15m depending on the function. He may come a little lesser for his inner caucus pals, considering their bond from days of yore and provided the gig will be an assemblage of the big spenders. For foreign shows, he charges between 70,000USD-150,000USD.

KWAM 1’s influence essentially results from the appeal of his music to the audience across demography, his ability to socialize easily as well as his political affiliations. He is also blessed with loyal patrons some of whom had engaged his services for well over three decades. For instance, the Ogun State-born performer was said to have been contacted by a member of Fadaka Club who has run into bad times but wanted KWAM 1 to perform at his daughter’s wedding. Sources told us that this old patron had only N2m and went to the artiste jittery knowing how much his current charges were.

Aynaijang News learnt that the artiste dismissed the fears of the man and offered to perform free of charge in deference to the patronage he has received from him in the past. The only caveat was that the wedding should hold on a Sunday instead of the Saturday the father of the bride has chosen.
This disposition has however not always worked for K1. Inside sources hinted of a show he attended airlifting a full music band to deliver a grand performance in London. And that only happened after so much persuasion and intervention of some of his close allies, he considered the show for an artiste fee of N30m. However, he got a rude shock after he returned to Nigeria only to realize that Davido, a younger artiste who performed at the same wedding party in 2019 had gotten N40m despite not performing with a band. I learned he felt really cheated and had since blacklisted the fellow who brokered that deal.

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