Stop Calling My Mother A Witch, What Most People Don't Know - Daughter Of Joseph Ayodele Babalola Speaks

Stop Calling My Mother A Witch, What Most People Don't Know  Daughter Of Joseph Ayodele Babalola Speaks

There are tidbits that escalated after death of late
Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola that his wife was a witch when Baba (Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola) was alive and stood forth to hinder Baba during his life.

Mrs. Apeke Adeniyi who is the last child of Apostle Joseph Ayo Babalola, a church patriarch and the first General Evangelist of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide has come to debunk the allegation against her mother.

Here is what she said about it:

If you have Christ and you seem to know many things, people will be wondering how you get to know those things. Maybe that is the perspective of her witchcraft. Many did not know how we survived after the death of Baba so I guess that also informed the witchcraft allegation. Because she lost her husband they thought she must have lost all. They felt she was being backed by certain powers.< But talking seriously, I wonder how people got to cook up such stories that my mother was a witch. Ironically, most of the people dishing such information were not around when Baba was alive. So I wonder where they got their stories from.
From what I know, Baba and Mama were quite close. Baba would call his wife Mama Abiye, Mama too would call her husband Baba Abiye. They had a bit of delay after marriage. In those days the emphasis was always on the man of God. People depended heavily on the men of God that they didn’t remember to pray for them in many instances. If they say she had witchcraft and gave us the witchcraft, then she must have given us the witchcraft of God. The fact is that my mother was a core disciplinarian. She used to tell us that she would not look after other people’s children at the detriment of her children. She was very tough. You can’t be sluggish and stay around her. She was hardworking, honest and prayerful. I don’t know how people came about the witchcraft story because she did her best to put us in the way of God.

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