A new Nigeria will be born where 6 Presidents will rule- Prophet whose prophecy never failed reveals

A new Nigeria will be born where 6 Presidents will rule Prophet Theophilus Olabayowhose prophecy never failed reveals

A popular Nigerian Prophet, whose prophecies have
never failed has dropped 2020 prophecies.

Primate Theophilus Olabayo, the General overseer of Evangelical Church of Yahweh Worldwide, has unleashed 2020 prophecies that Nigeria will before long have six presidents in the six zones and afterward have no federal zone.

The mainstream prophet uncovered that the structuring rants which caused the detainment of Presidential candidate Sowore before may even occur inside the coming three years.

We recalled that Primate Olabayo some years ago during the bid of Nigerians to dump military government prophesied that the late MKO Abiola would challenge for the presidential political seat and win but will give up the ghost and his prophecy came into manifestation.

He also said God was ready to liberate Nigerians from the hands of Gen. Abacha and not long after, he died.

Not long before the Osun state election, he also said Osun state government will fall into the hands of the APC governorship candidate, and so be it.

In a recent interview, he prophesied that Amotekun will succeed over failed security in this nation and implored  Nigerians to support.

In further revealed that a new Nigeria will emerge where not only one president will rule but six.
The great Prophet said,  Nigeria will have six zones and there will no longer be federal government as restructuring will come between now and coming three years.

He also admonished Lagos state government to support Amotekun because he saw terrorists coming to disturb the peace of the South West region.

God have mercy on Nigeria!

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