Actress Regina Slams Dayo Amusa, reacts over Iyabo Ojo vs Faithia Balogun’s clash

Actress Regina Slams Dayo Amusa, reacts over Iyabo Ojo vs Faithia Balogun’s clash

Nollywood actress cum movie producer, Regina Chukwu
has come under hot scrutiny after showing off her stand on the on going rivalry between her colleagues; Faithia Balogun and Iyabo Ojo.

The drama kicked off yesterday, after actress Faithia Balogun celebrated her birthday, which led to the reconciliation between herself and former best friend Dayo Amusa.

This peace move triggered fellow actress, Iyabo Ojo and she ripped the birthday celebrant apart in a new Instagram post
revealing how callous she is.

According to Iyabo Ojo, Faithia Balogun is a backstabber and a witch as she reportedly leaked out the News of her butt enlargement surgery to the media two years ago, despite all the good things she did for her; like throwing her a surprise birthday party in Turkey!

However, through her post on Instagram, Regina Chukwu was obviously shading Dayo Amusa for reconciling with Faithia Balogun.

“Don’t let that ” life is too short’ SHIT be the reason you reconnect with toxic people. They knew life was short too when they did what the did,” she wrote.

The post above didn’t obviously go down well with her fans who also took that opportunity to call her out for being two sided.

And again, Regina Chukwu responded, ” Okay just woke up now and noticed that a post I saw on @remmysworld and reposted is making some jobless, enemies calling them selves Fan type rubbish on my post, where all that is coming from I don’t even knw … ehayyy sssshhh look here! Yes you, I be typical igbo girl, I don’t face the business that doesn’t PAY me and I don’t chook mouth on watin no consign me! And stroll down my page you will see the 2020 code!! Don’t bring your devilish tot here o, don’t let Lagos bridge fall on you o … like some said allow me face my CREAM SELLING BUSINESS ON IG … do not use your stupid tot and put me where I don’t want to belong! Good morning!”

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