"Buhari carry bad luck, U.S is not heaven"- Nigerians reacts as Trump finally Ban Nigeria

Buhari carry bad luck, U.S is not heaven Nigerians reacts as Trump finally Ban Nigeria

United States Republican President, Donald Trump, has officially
fulfilled his promise on restrictions placed on immigrants from Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan, and Tanzania, and it will take effect before the end of this month.

Nigerians have stormed Instagram to berate the development as they criticize Donald Trump and Nigeria President.

A  Nigerian with username @Beboviv said; Just imagine the unimportant country Nigeria was listed with this is sad, our uncultured manner and greed for money will keep making us isolated in world d rate of corruption will keep being our downfall. God I pray for Nigeria

@Loloruns says: the U.S. is not heaven and not the only country in the world. Better our government to sit and fix the country the better for us.

@Kayslay  Buhari and bad luck. Under his watch, Nigeria became the poorest country in the world and the most corrupt country ans deadliest country in the whole ofAfrica.
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