"I was contracted to plant dead body inside Prophet Sotitobire's church"- Man makes shocking confessions in court

"I was contracted to plant dead body inside Prophet Sotitobire's church Man makes shocking confessions in court

During the court seat last week, a  mystery Nigerian
man surfaced, confessed that he was contracted to frame embattle Akure base Prophet, Alfa Sotitobire up to dent his reputation.

It another year's disclosure competent to tossing topsy turvy the emergency of a missing child including Prophet Alfa Babatunde of Sotitobire Church in Akure, the Ondo State capital, as a strange man has surfaced to admit being contracted a year ago by a friend to implicate embattled Prophet.

The man Mr Tayo Joshua who claim to be an artisan in ibadan, oyo state spoke in an exclusive interview with Trace in akure, disclose that the father of the missing child Temitope kolawole may be the brain behind the kidnap of his own child.

Culled from the news paper for those that can't see the contents clearly.

This is coming as a twist to the controversial disappearance of the child, Gold Kolawole. This is also coming as Prophet Alfa Babatunde returned to court last week for the continuation of his arraignment at an Akure High Court, alongside other members of his church, for the alleged roles in the disappearance of the one-year old boy. Mr Joshua, who was Later taken to the police to make statement on his claims, confessed that sometimes in late October 2019, the father's child, Mr. Kolawole, who he has working relationship with, invited him to Akure and told him of the plan to implicate Prophet Babatunde in a plot that could fetch them up to N20m from a rival pastor. According to him, he and Kolawole had become friends short while earlier after meeting at a social event in Ibadan and have since been engaging each other in handling jobs. Joshua said by October last year, Kolawole invited him to Akure for unspecified work and when he got to Akure, they met at eatery where Kolawole told him of his plans to implicate one pastor in a scheme sponsored by a rival pastor. Joshua, who spoke in Yoruba, said: "After we exchanged greetings, he said the work he has for me is not a professional one. He said a pastor introduced him to a business that could fetch him about N20million.

 I was excited and asked him what kind of job it is. He said if I greed to do it with him, I would just needeed to come to Akure and stay for about three days for the job to be completed, He said the pastor that contracted him had complained that most of the prominent members of his church had bewitching over to the church of Prophet Babatunde and he needed to do something about it. Mr. Kolawole then said the job needs a freshly dead body from a mortuary to plant in the Sotitobire church in the middle of the night to implicate Prophet Babatunde. "When he said that, I was shocked and almost screamed. He said he knows a mortuary where he can get a dead body and that if l agreed to do the work we could both take the body from the mortuary to dump in the church. He said the pastor who is sponsoring the scheme is very wealthy and well connected and his capable of protecting us if anything goes wrong. I was shocked and kept asking questions. He didn't tell me the name of the pastor that gave him the job but he said the pastor is also based in Akure. I told him I am a member of the CAC church and that I can't do anything against any pastor or any church. I turned down the job. He begged me to keep the issue with me and when I was leaving back to Ibadan, he gave me N20, 000. He transferred the money into my account." At this point, Joshua said he returned to Ibadan and didn't tell anybody about the matter. He said he didn't hear anything that Kolawole's child got missing in that same church he was planning to plant a dead body. "I was shocked and had to rush to a pastor in Ibadan to tell him what happened", he said. He said: "I went to Prophet Kasali (he is a blind prophet) at odo owa in Ibadan, It took me a while before I could see him and when l eventually did, I told him how Kolawole invited me to Akure and wanted me to be part of the plot to implicate Prophet Babatunde and now Kolawole's child is said to have gone missing in the church of that same prophet.
I told Prophet Kasali that l don't know what to do, He told me to come back the following day, i also confided in some of my family and a friend who is a policeman. When I got back to Prophet Kasali, he prayed for me and advised me to go to Akure and confess what happened between me and Kolawole. That's why I took the decision to come here and shield more light on the issue. This magazine gathered that Joshua has narrated his story to the policemen in charge of the Investigations of the case of the missing child in Akure and some of his clams were said to have been verified both in Akure and Ibadan by the police. However when contacted for reaction, the father of the missing child Mr. Temitope Kolawole, denied any link with Joshua. When this reporter sent the picture of Joshua to aim at Whatsapp to see, he simply replied with "I don't know him". He thereafter blocked the number of this reporter on WhatsApp. Efforts to get the reaction of the police to the development did not yield much result as at press time as the police Public Relations Officer Mr. Femi Joseph, said he was yet to be aware of the latest development the case. meanwhile, an Ondo State High Court sitting in Akure has commenced on the official trial of the founder of Sotitobire Miracle Center, Akure, Prophet Alfa Babatundeand six others over the alleged missing one-year-old boy (Gold Kolawole) in his church, even as the court denied them freedom. The defendants were all present in court, including one Peter Anjonrin, who was at large when the case was first brought to magistrate court by the DSS, Prophet Babatunde and others howrve5r pleaded not guilty to courts involving aiding kidnapping of the missing child charged against them. Other defendants are: omodara Olayinka, Margaret
Oyebola, Grace Ogunjobi, Egunjobi Motunrayo, and Esther Kayode. All efforts by the counsel of the defendants, Mr. Olusoia Oke to ensure court granted them bail based on the applications earlier tled were unsuccessful as the Director of Public Prosecutor, Ms. Grace Olowoporoku, told Justice Ayedun Odusola that the defendants cancel aled multiple bail application that was difficult to reply.He adjourned the case till 16, 17 and 19 March for the next hearing.
The road linking the High court as well as the court premises were filled up with residents who came to watch the hearing while security operatives manned the courtroom where the case was heard.
The decision of the court to turn down the clergyman's bail application negatively changed the mood of some church members who had hoped that he would be granted bail The Sotitobire church members wore a sad mood while leaving the court but other residents at the court premises were seen jubilating hearing that the prophet was denied bail.
The missing child case was transferred from the magistrate's court to the state High court.
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