"Real men cook, Ladies don't kill yourself"-Nigerian writer replies Pastor Adeboye

"Ladies, don't marry men who can't cook, don't kill yourself"-Nigerian writer replies Pastor Adeboye
A Nigerian writer known as flockedpages has reacted to Pastor Enoch
Adeboye's advice for men to desist from marrying ladies who can not prepare special delicacies for their spouses.

Recall this triggered mixed reactions after the statement make headlines on Nigerian blogs and media follow the great man of GOD words of advise.

She Wrote;

Ladies, sha marry a man who cooks. In this 21st century, don't let any young, abled man tell you that he doesn't know how to cook. Shebi he eats? How does he feed himself? If he can afford to eat out day and night, he can afford a cook. Even if it's the type that'll make soups and stews that you both can refrigerate.
This is me assuming that you are working o. Either a 9-5, remotely or you're doing a business. Unless you enjoy cooking, don't stress your life when the duty can be shared. For someone like me, I become less productive and creative when I do house chores. I cannot come and kill myself biko.
But if you stay at home without something doing and you can't afford a cook, try and cook. House chores are stress, I know. Still cook. Don't let your husband come home and jam hunger.
In the end, sha marry a man who knows his way around the kitchen or is enthusiastic to learn. So that when you travel or fall ill, your kids won't starve.
Leave all these small, small boys that are arguing nonsense here. Find a real man whose ego can stand the heat of the kitchen.
Real men cook!

Do you think she's right?

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