Nigerians Ladies Sparks Hot As Pastor Adeboye Advised Men Not To Marry Pretty Women That Can't Cook

Social media uproar currently looming over the latest statement of R.C.C.G church worldwide G.O. Pastor E.O. Adeboye to young men anticipating to walk down the aisle one day.

Pastor Adeboye advised men never to marry a woman that can cook no matter how beautiful, which obliged and see nothing bad as regards the words advice given.

Meanwhile, Nigerians on twitter handle are currently reacting on the controversial statement.

See Below:

@Tokemakinwa: When Pastor Adeboye says “my sons”, ask ya self are you a member of his flock? Are you his spiritual child, if no, why are you so bothered??? Let him advice his own, if it’s not for you, jump and pass my friends, I promise you won’t go to hell by facing your front.

@Ayomojubar: "Don't marry a woman that can't cook no matter how beautiful she is" - Pastor Adeboye.

"A man's mouth is the pathway to his heart not s*ex".

No matter how character deficiency a woman is, if she can cook like Chioma, her husband will always have reasons to forgive her. 

@Onlinebestie: Pastor Adeboye said "Don't marry a woman that cannot cook"
You all spewing anger like Sango 
These mf woke women are in their house kneeling and begging on both knees for men to have a taste of what they prepared
Woke on Twitter, please eat my food real life 
Fix your house

 Guys, Can you marry a lady that can't cook?

Ladies, can o

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