Outcry as lady says she’ll pour acid on future cheating husband & put him in soakaway pit

Outcry as lady says she’ll pour acid on future cheating husband & put him in soakaway pit

It's has of now become alarming among couples of this
generation since Maryam Sanda gruesome action against her late hubby over infidelity as some believes the only solution is to end the life of a cheating partner.

And now, another user identified as Vivian Udodimma has taken to her Facebook page to describe how she would end the life of her future husband if he cheats on her.

See her post below:

“Can’t wait to marry so that by the time my husband will cheat on me, I won’t even stab him but hold him closely, wipe his tears and make him feel it never happened

“But by the time he sleeps at night, I will pour him acid in the eyes and push him into soccer pit, then close it

“I can’t come and be exhausting my energy, knife, buying coffin and probably hosting burial funeral for an idiot.”

Although some have dismissed her comments as a joke, however, many don’t think so.

“This is one of those people. Guys, please stay faaaaar from this witch from the pit of hell, resident in the Marine world. She isn’t joking,” one social media user wrote.

Another user said: “Its all joke till ur future husband reads this while sitting with his mom.”

Another one said: “Sweetheart put your hand on your chest and say these words ‘I am a witch’”

And this one: “Rugrats with NYSC certificates and zero spelling abilities, who crave for unnecessary fame will just wake up one morning, pick their phone, and rush to any blog to spew rubbish… If you must post, let it be something meaningful with proper spelling so folks will laugh before cussing you. By the way, your future husband and in-laws have seen this… The internet does not forget and even if it does, someone has screen grabbed this detailed murder plot you’ve foolishly written here and will save it for your future husband. Your words will catch up with you…😂 Let me go and keep looking for this illusive soccer pit.”

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