Presidency Finally Breaks Silence, Reacts Over Ban Of Okada In Lagos State

Presidency Finally Breaks Silence Over Ban Of Okada In Lagos State

Nigeria's Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi
, has broadcast the national government's discernment on the ongoing boycott of 'Okada' and tricycles in certain locals of Lagos State.

Talking on Sunrise Daily, Amaechi, said the national government doesn't have the purview to mediate in the ongoing boycott of 'okada' and tricycles in certain parts of Lagos State. The issue is carefully a state undertaking.

“But he has a problem to face, which is unemployment and an increase in crime.”
Meanwhile, a massive riot and protest has broken out in some parts of Lagos, due to the ban on Okadas and tricycles by the State Government.
AyNaijang News understands that the protest has led to a clash between the police and Okada riders in the Ijora area of the state as the police tried to stop the protesters.
“Implementation of transport policy is essentially a state affair, ” he said. “ So you can’t be telling a state whether they want ‘okada’ or tricycles or not. That’s not our responsibility. It is for the state government to decide what to do.”

However, Amaechi, who is a former Governor of Rivers State, said he could see some reason why the state government made the decision.

“ Speaking as a former Governor, when I was in Rivers State, they were using motorcycles to rob and kidnap people; and the police could never get them because they were using cars; so I banned motorcycles and we had peace. The number of accidents was also high – the orthopedic hospital was full every day.

“I don’t know the reason why the Governor of Lagos state banned it; only he can tell you. I am sure he made his decision based on the interests of a majority of Lagosians.

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  1. Honestly.. The issue of bans on Tricycles and Motorcycles..it's a drastic one because ..when the Governor of Lagos state is trying to avoid accidents on d highway..He is not God,what will happen will surely come,We are in a country whereby there is low level of employment,Some many graduates are motorcyclists presently,They have families to feed,Dis issue of bans will surely lead to more loss of lives,because there will be increase in crimes such as theft,kidnapping,serial killings,because people will be so desperate to get money since where they are getting their daily bread has been blocked by Lagos state Government,and also for the people that are yet to own their personal cars will find it difficult to get to their destination,its not even okada that causes traffic congestion on d highway,Even trailers must be banned too,85% of Accidents recorded are caused by these trailers....so to avoid poverty,crimes in Lagos.. There' should be an alternative.. even the fear to go out early in the morning when going to work will be in d higher level...Your Excellency sir,Please sir,let there be a consideration... Thanks


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