Rudeboy Is The True Voice Of The Defunct Psquare, Here's Why Mr P Career May Die Completely

Rudeboy Is The True Voice Of The Defunct Psquare, Here's Why Mr P Career May Die Completely

This may be the end of Mr. P of the defunct Psquare if he
refuses to drop his pride and apologize to his brothers for reconciliation to take charge.

Following a few years of separation, popular Afro-beat singer Rudeboy waited for his Mr-P to bring down his pride maybe he is coming back before he finally decided to move on.

We recollect that just recently Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye, and his brother Jude Okoye decided to move on, announced their "Fire Department Inc" new music record label to the entertainment world after many years waiting for Peter Okoye to bring down his ego.

The mirror of the whole brouhaha has finally shown the true voice of the defunct P' square after dissension between the duo brothers sometimes prior when Mr-P was claiming he is the true voice of the group.

In a recent interview, Rudeboy was asked if he will go back to his second, he replied, "I don't think that can happen now. If that's going to transpire it will many years to come."
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Some fams even jokingly said, "Go and help your brother dying music career." While others concluded that the 'Take It' singer isn't complete without his brother.

Rudeboy has continued giving his fans hit songs since their separation. To talk about "REASON WITH ME", " AUDIO MONEY" and the most recent song, " TAKE IT".

Firstly, Mr P's known and remains as one of the most gifted and best dancers in the Nigeria Music Industry. You would have noticed that in not only their joint produced videos in the past but also his recent, individual songs.

Despite the fact that Mr-P remains the best Africa dancer, he ought to understand that  Africa music styles don't commensurate with his style without his brother as we keep upgrading which has affected some top musicians like Ice-prince, MI Abaga, Idris and more who were unable to swipe to Afro-beat.

Do you think his career won't completely kiss the dust if he refuses to tender his apology to his brothers?

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