Untold Truth Why I Worship Snakes, Slept With Virgins - Former Nigeria goalkeeper, Idah Peterside Confesses

 Why I Worship Snakes, Slept With Virgins Former Nigeria goalkeeper, Idah Peterside Confesses

Nigerians Former Nigeria goalkeeper, Idah Peterside, has narrated to his past
condemnable wayward lifestyles as a result of his lustful desire for wealth, fame and connection during a live chat on an FM radio program.

During his words to words with Ifeanyi Udeze, popular Nigeria OAP that always anchor a radio every Tuesday on Brila FM, he opened up how he joined occultism, slept with women in return for fame and money.

Former super eagles Keeper, who God has met and turned to a living soul and now Pastor, Idah Udeze, has narrated his affairs with virgin ladies, with the motive to defile them to initiate, which was the primary assignment assigned to him.

Peterside said; “It was so bad for me that I even went into demonic worship; I was involved in occultism and people didn’t know. “I did all that because I wanted money and fame which were not coming. My case was so bad that I used to have meetings with snakes. Mine was top class; it was crazy.

. “What actually took me to the next level in occultism was dependent on the number of women I slept with because my covenant was to initiate women.
“I didn’t sleep with them for love or any relationship; my mission was just to initiate them and move on.”

 If he can say this, how much more are those prominent people in Nigeria, Africa, and the world in general, sacrificing their lives in return for wealth, fame and all such motives.

Whereas, we came to this world with nothing and will definitely leave one day with nothing. It's now rampant among  Nigerians comparing their lives to celebrities' lives without considering the source of their wealth.

I hope we must have read this and pray unto God for divine blessings than being intimidated by what we see on social media.

What is your opinion?

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