We are contracted by 'Satan' never to mention the name'JESUS' – Kanye West exposes musical world (Video)

We are contracted by 'Satan' never to mention the name JESUS Kanye West exposes musical world (Video)

Legendary American Rapper has  dropped outrageous
confessions as regards demonic entertainment world, how they were contracted by the devil in reward to get fame.

The prominent rapper during Sunday Service in Miami, the rapper disclosed the secret between the devil, musicians, producers, and the fashion designers.

In a video sighted by Aynaijang News, he claimed Satan has taken 100% possession of the musical world in the United  States and the world to the extent that they were placed under restriction from mentioning the name JESUS for the rest of their career life on any of their songs.

You need to confirm his confessions on the video by yourself. Video Below;
God save the world!

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  1. Hmmmmmm this isn't a surprise Long I have noted that you all belong to the devil this break me always, and i do say always only this great once Wii devot this great talent and sing for Jesus,is time for you to back off totally and give your life soul everything to Jesus


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