Apostle Johnson Suleman is a false Pastor, I'm Angel in human flesh" - Nigerian Man declares (video)

Apostle Johnson Suleman is a false Pastor, I'm Angel in human flesh Nigerian Man declares

A Nigerian has surfaced online, called Nigerian popular man
of GOD out for scrutiny.

In a viral video that triggered hilarious remarks on the social media over the self-acclaimed GOD messenger warning statement issued to the prominent Apostle, claiming that he is the angel in human flesh sent into this world to expose fake men of God.

Apostle Johnson Suleman is a popular servant of God and senior pastor, president and general supervisor of Omega Fire Ministries International, a church-based in Auchi, Edo, Nigeria.

Omega Fire Ministries International was founded in 2004 by Apostle Suleman Johnson.

It is already known that Calls and divine selections are purely human decisions and cannot be controlled by any man, it is a product of predestination, which is decided by the highest before the creation of the world and becomes reality. When the call discovers his destiny.

Apostle Johnson Suleman was born and everyone was happy since he was a child who is always preferred by many parents. A few days after his birth, an itinerant group of missionaries also known as prophets arrived from Warri in the state of the Delta of Nigeria, in Benin, in the state of birth of the apostle Johnson Suleman, in an attempt to convey a message. from God to his parents.

They told their parents that a prophet was born who would serve in the presence of God. Apostle Johnson Suleman’s parents refused to listen to them because they were Muslims and could not understand the possibility that their son would become a Christian, who appears to be the minister of God. They no longer listened because they were Muslims and they didn’t want the child to renounce his faith.

When he started growing up, he started doing things his parents didn’t understand. Although his parents are Muslims, he has not paid much attention to his religion, as he would prefer to appreciate the things of God even when he attends the mosque with his father. He had to be obedient to his parents, even when he knew that the Muslim was not his vocation and should not be in his life. Something that happened to him while he was still in high school in Auchi, his hometown, young Apostle Johnson Suleman had a meeting with CHRIST but, nevertheless, he received many pressures that made him worthy of some time before finally accept Christianity.

Apostle Johnson Suleiman has impacted many lives in a positive way, and he is commonly known for his prophecy and teaching globally.

An unknown angry Nigerian man took to his Instagram handle to pour out his anger insisting that Prophet Apostle Johnson Suleiman is a deceiver, and he gives him 7 days to repent.

The Nigerian man further said in the video embedded beneath that he is the real prophet that has come to judge the fake prophets and he going to start with Apostle Johnson Suleiman in his judgment.
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