Coronavirus: Important Revelations God Shown Me Nigerians Must Obey - Pastor Enoch Adeboye

Coronavirus: Important Revelations God Shown Me Nigerians Must Obey - Pastor Enoch Adeboye

Following Nigeria government mandated order placed on all public gatherings ranging from
parties, night club hang outs to religious gatherings. Following this directive, Pastor Enoch  Adeboye held service online again to reveal more as regards Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria.

Last week Sunday, the great man of God, General overseer of the Redeemed Christian church of God worldwide told the world that, " God told him that the whole world will be on a compulsory holiday". He reiterated the statement again. According to him, he is already enjoying his holiday even though he was meant to be in some nations in the month of April.

As usual, Daddy G.O(as fondly called by members) continued the message of hope to the saved and the message of repentance to the unbelieving by taking his anchor scripture from Ezekiel 2:5, " And they, whether they will hear or whether they will forbear, for they are a rebellious house. Yet shall know that, there has been yet a prophet among them."

In his words, "God assured me that only those whose appointed time has come will die. As soon as all the nations of the world (big and small) have observed these holidays, the problem will be over."

He talked about how Jesus calmed the storm and further said that if God is in our boats, our boats will never capsize. He shared scriptures like Revelation 1:18, Mark 2, etc. To buttress his points.

Words of encouragement for the married, single, waiting mothers were dished out. He told the singles that God hates loneliness according to Hebrew 13:5. Those who were facing challenges in their marriages, businesses, and academics were also admonished to stay put. He said that we must not forget to remind God of his promises whenever we are faced with unfavorable God is delighted in the prosperity of his children and the scriptures below answer to that fact (Third John 1:2, Psalm 35:27, etc)

Furthermore, God has promised to be a private physician. Psalm 107:20, 1 Peter2:24 prove that.

Pastor Adeboye said that he read in magazine which says that all sicknesses and diseases are categorized in 39groups. By Jesus' stripes, we were healed. Jesus took 40 stripes that mean 1 stripe for every category of sicknesses and diseases. The extra one stripe is waiting for the undiscovered sickness and Coronavirus. God has provision for any new disease.

In conclusion, admonished the entire world to turn to GOD because it's from only our security is  guaranteed

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