Coronavirus : Americans Wants To Go Back To Work - DonaldTrump (Video)

Coronavirus : Americans Wants To Go Back To Work - Donal Trump

United State of America President Donald Trumps says Americans are
tired of sitting at home, tired of being isolated following the widespread of the fast killer Covid-19 virus.

The American President elucidated in detail to Fox News reporter in a video sighted by Aynaijang News.

He made it clear that it's necessary to ultimately do what is right for the country and for the people and not only about optimism.

Donald Trump was able to be cautious of his statement from not mentioning CHINA VIRUS as he said

 "This a sad thing that happens from wherever it came from, i don't wanna get into that. It's a terrible thing that happened to our country and 149 other countries. 149 nations are affected but our people are incredible the way they handle it, what they've gone through, it's to me so shocking because they are clamoring that they wanna go back to work."

Listen below to get his full interview video:

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