Goliath's Skull Discovered With The Stone David Flung(Photo

The head of Goliath has been exhumed at the base of Mt. Elah..
This is indeed bewildering seeing the original skull of Goliath who lived many thousand years ago and to add to the shocker,the killer_stone which was fired by David that killed Goliath is still intact..

The skull đź’€ was discovered by a German archeologist known as Dr. Martin and the stone is still there as prove that the Bible's account was and is still true..

According to the Bible's account of Goliath in 1st Samuel 17 verse 4,Goliath was 9ft tall..now,look at the image and tell me if that is not the skull of a giant that you see..

This goes for the skeptical type who still doesn't believe the bible,I hope this makes you think twice on your stand..

One other thing the Bible said was about end time and its characteristics which the Bible mentioned pestilence,war,hatred and natural disasters.. Now look into it, Pestilence (Corona virus),war(Iran and isreal saga),hatred(I don't even need to explain this one), natural disasters (tsunamis,earthquakes and forest fire that has been happening around the world like as tho' the earth is angry with us)..

See the picture of the Goliath below.

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