HEARTBREAKING: Italian Nurse Commits Suicide After Tested Positive For Coronavirus

Italian Nurse Commits Suicide After Testing Positive For Coronavirus

A 34-year-old Italian nurse working on the front lines of the coronavirus
pandemic took her own life after testing positive for the illness and was terrified that she had infected others, according to a report.

Daniela Trezzi had been suffering “heavy stress” amid fears she was spreading the deadly bug while treating patients at the San Gerardo Hospital in Monza in the hard-hit region of Lombardy, the Daily Mail reported.

The National Federation of Nurses of Italy expressed its “pain and dismay” over Trezzi’s death, which came as the country’s mounting death toll surged with 743 additional fatalities Tuesday.

“Each of us has chosen this profession for good and, unfortunately, also for bad: we are nurses,” the federation said.

“The condition and stress to which our professionals are subjected is under the eyes of all,” it said, adding that “a similar episode had happened a week ago in Venice, with the same underlying reasons.”

Hospital general manager Mario Alparone said Trezzi had been at home sick since March 10 and that “she was not under surveillance.”

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  1. This is really devastating and heart breaking.you nurses doctors and other medical workers have been really awesome on this virus and I beg that you all must jnkn you are most need than taking you life am sad she committed sucid.r.i.p.


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