Here's The Truth Behind Federal Government N8500 Stimulus To Nigeria Citizens

Here's Is The Truth Behind Federal Government N8500 Stimulus To Nigeria Citizens

Here's the truth behind the escalated news of approved Federal government
stimulus (#8500) to every citizen of Nigeria.

Following the reports that surfaced online a few days ago claiming that the Federal government of Nigeria has approved a particular amount of money (#8500) for Nigerians well-being during this period of self-isolation as a result of widespread Covid-19.

The escalated report which admonished Nigerians to fill the information using a link sent has been discovered to be false news.

The Federal Government of Nigeria did not approve #8,500 or any amount for anyone.

Aynaijang News urges Nigerians to be vigilant and desist from using the link provided by desperate people using the online medium to scam others.

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  1. You people should tell me President,
    Senators and representative or politicians are and their children didn't own Nigeria money alone,
    Citizens are suffering doing nothing because of critical situation right now, Mr President president should consider citizens by distributing little out Nigeria money right now,
    This is time government of other countries help their citizens,
    You and your family are traveling enjoying Nigeria money,
    This is the time the citizens of Nigeria need little out of their money for staying at home,
    Nigeria money doesn't belong to politicians and their families alone

  2. As a matter of fact our Government are not trying, this is the time they are supposed to help Nigerian citizens, everyone is at home doing nothing and we must eat everyday I seriously appeal to the Government to do something about this.


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