How dare you! – Rev Obofour descends heavily on Prophet Oduro (Video)

How dare you!  Rev Obofour descends heavily on Prophet Oduro
Reverend Obofour, Founder and Leader of Anointed Palace Chapel has
vigorously plummeted on Prophet Oduro, over his assaults on him numerous months back, and has challenged him to turn out and talk on the off chance that he isn't gay.

Prophet Oduro some time in one of his lessons called God's revile on Obofour, for something he did at his congregation's assembly room, which he (Prophet Oduro) saw as silly and not a demonstration of God.

In a video sighted by Aynaijang News, the annoyed minsiter of God known as Obofour used very unprintable words to describe Prophet Oduro and issued last warning to desist  from directing his sermon to him in his church again.

He further berated Prophet Oduro for having the audacity to dragged him before his congregation questioning his style of preaching, asking if he has assigned him to any office to want him (Obofour) to preach a certain way.

According to Obofour, he had not said a word all those months because of the respect he accorded the elderly man of God, but he has realized that he didn’t deserve the respect he gave him, the reason for his response and outburst.

With cheers and applause from his church members, Obofour accused prophet Oduro of using his evil spirit to introduce gayism into the country, by pretending to teach men in his church how a woman’s panties are worn.

He told the prophet, it was disgraceful for him to bring a panty to church, knowing how scared a woman’s panty is in marriage, and through that single act not only did he disgrace women but also sort to introduce gayism into the country.

“That day you wore the panty, those of us with spiritual eyes observed you and saw that you acted like a gay person. Your gay people tried to let you introduce gayism so that men will learn how to wear women’s accessories. It was not marriage you were teaching, you were with your demonic people trying to introduce gayism into the society, I dare you to come out and speak, aren’t you gay?”, he said.

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