I will resign if my prophecy for President Buhari fail on Oct 1- Father Mbaka

I will resign if my prophecy for President Buhari fail on Oct 1 Father Mbaka
Popular Nigerian Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of the
Adoration Ministry, Enugu, has dropped another explosive prophecy and threatened to resign his priesthood by October 1, if his latest prophecy fail to come into manifestation.

The controversial man of God had declared that “there will be heavy rain in Aso-Rock on the 1st of October” because God is angry with President Muhammadu Buhari.

A report monitored by Igbere TV culled by Aynaijang News, quoted Mbaka to have made the declaration while addressing his congregation in Enugu, Southeast Nigeria.

Mbaka, who predicted President Buhari’s reelection, made this comment in reaction to Rev. Ebube Muonso, who accused him of being a fake prophet.

Muonso, whose real name is Emmanuel Chibuzo Obimma, is an Ordained Catholic Priest and Founder of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Reacting to the allegation, Mbaka said: “I don’t have many words to say over what Ebube Mounso said about me, I’m a Prophet of God everyone knows that when I prophesy it comes to pass, and for someone to come from nowhere and question my authenticity, that person is on the blink of extinction”.

Apparently displeased by the statements credited to Rev. Mount, the Adoration Minister prophesied that there will be darkness in the cloud over Nigeria for complete 5 hours from 12noon till 5 pm on October 1, after which a massive rain with thunder will follow.

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  1. Did he really say this? I thought this prophecy was made last year. Abi i am confused ni

  2. I don't know who and what to believe again now,Although I don't believe in stuff like this
    1st was that the world will end in APRIL,now another prophet is predicting Rain in ASO Rock on the 1st of October. Which means by then only President Buhari will resurrect to face Almighty wrath huh?

  3. God knoweth them that are his

  4. Congratulations to France,If it's true oh...
    And also,Thank God Almighty for helping them.
    May God also help Nigeria!!!

  5. God in His infinite power will see the Masses of Nigerian through this era of Coronavirus, since our people in power are not caring.

  6. God knows the best if the best is what rev mbaka said let it be done

    Let's God will be done

  7. It's high time we stopped this unnecessary antagonism and supremacy. We should rather seek solace in God.

  8. May his will be done in our dear country Nigeria


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