Just In: Another Virus Discovers In Africa (Must Read)

Another Virus Discovers In Africa

President Muhammadu Buhari Read This: Another virus has been
discovered in Africa but have not yet reacted in the body of millions infected. The name of the new virus is HungaVirus.

The virus is been spread by confining people in their homes due to covid 19 phobia without enough money and foodstuffs. Its incubation period is seven days after you have exhausted your little money and food.

Clinical symptoms include: boredom, hunger, weakness, children's disturbances, anger, etc.

This can be controlled by giving enough money to workers, employees, students and children before their confinement. America and other countries have started combating this new virus alongside corona virus by providing money and welfare packages for their citizens.

Advice: Federal government, employers, corporate organizations etc, give enough money to your workers before the general house quarantine to avert spread of this most deadly pandemic called hunga-virus.

I hope i have spoken well?

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