KWAM 1's 38th Child Was With His Wife's Cousin- Man Alleges

KWAM 1's 38th Child Was With His Wife's Cousin- Man Alleges
Wasiu Ayinde Marshal KWAM1, a popular Fuji legend has been
outed for having a child with his wife's cousin.

So far, Wasiu Ayinde is known to have about 38 children from different women. But a twitter user then revealed that the 38th child was with his wife's cousin.

Kayode Jnr on Twitter wrote: K1 is legendary with women. His 38th child was with his wife's cousin. When he was asked about the unfortunate situation, he said "It's huge family and you don't expect me to know everyone in the family". One of his biggest investors was Gbenga Highlander, he f*cked his wife too.

In an earlier interview when KWAM 1 was asked to comment on his love for women, he said:

"When King Solomon in the Bible died, there was no issue among his wives and children. If it didn’t happen in the time of Solomon, it will not happen in my time. How many kids do I even have? How many women have I known? There are so many people out there who even have more than we can ever think of. It is on record that Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. If somebody like Solomon wasn’t crucified during his time, why do you have to talk about me? How many women have I ever touched? How many children do I have? Before you talk about me, let people talk about King Solomon.

Read some reactions from Twitter.

It is also alleged that he ate Pasuma's daughter's work too.

What is legendary about all these lmao?

All I know is, 30% of those kids are not biological his

Legendary you say? Go to Gbongan in Osun state, ask of Aribidesi Alaran wives. Man legit gets new wife every 2years. He was my Grandpa

My Dad is married to 6 wives and has over 44 children. He's still upcoming.

Grand Patron of Yoruba Demons... You’re doing well sir

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