SAD NEWS: Why Abba Kyari May Not Survive Coronavirus, Medical Test Result Reveals

Why Abba Kyari May Not Survive Coronavirus, Reason Emerges

President Muhammadu Buhari's Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, has
different ailment that can hamper his recuperation from Coronavirus as gathered from a reliable source.

Be that as it may, Medical specialists taking care of Kyari, have obtained his clinical records from Wellington Hospital, St. John's Wood, London.

“Abba Kyari’s medical records have been sent via email from Wellington Hospital where he goes for his check-up and also gets his treatment.

“He has some other health conditions which will be kept confidential. We are hoping for the best”, the source revealed.

It is important to note that the Wellington Hospital, located in North London, deals with Brain surgery, Cardiac care, Orthopaedic care, Spinal care, Women’s health, Urology care and others.

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  1. They are crazy there, get the man our curative local herbs.. lime+scent leaves+ ginger+ pineapple peels, slice, cook all, give him to drink, morning night, also cover him with blankets, steam him with it as usual. Why give up on him when our natural cure is here, please we don't want to loose another life. Ok? Remember he's someone's dad, uncle, brother, etc. And I like him too. I like my people. Let us all be alive. No one is perfect. So cure him with our local herbs and give him your ventilator too. Ok? Good people good nation Nigeria above all pray for him and others . Thanks

    1. He is not in Nigeria my dear


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