See The Eight African Countries With Zero Coronavirus Cases And How They Prevents These Nations

See The Eight African Countries With Zero Coronavirus Cases And How They Prevents These Nations
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Eight African countries are yet to record a single case of coronavirus
at a time when the virus has killed more than 24, 300 globally.

Forty-six countries on the continent have confirmed over 2,400 cases of coronavirus. The virus devastating footprints across the world has compelled many countries on the continent to roll out strict measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

Sierra Leone, Malawi, Botswana, Lesotho, Sao Tome and Principe, South Sudan, Comoros Island and Burundi have recorded no case, but some have taken decisions to isolate themselves from a disease that is being spread by travellers.

World Health Organisation data suggests that the continent’s breakdown of cases remains fluid as countries confirm cases as and when.


Population: 2.2 million


The southern African country has not recorded any coronavirus case, but its neighbour, South Africa has confirmed more cases than any other country in Africa, with more than 900 hospitalised victims and two deaths.

There are no confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Lesotho. However, the Lesotho authorities have shut down all its borders to prevent the scourge of the coronavirus.

No one is allowed to leave the mountainous kingdom or to come into Lesotho as the authorities take drastic measures to protect their citizens against the deadly coronavirus.


Population 18.6 million

The south-eastern African country is yet to record a case, but its leaders have declared the virus a national disaster.  Schools, colleges, both private and public universities have been closed since March 23.

The government has restricted public gatherings to less than 100 people. This restriction applies to all gatherings, including weddings, funerals, church congregations, rallies and government meetings. The national security has been ordered into action to enforce these restrictions.


Population: 2.3 million


The country has not recorded any cases but moved into swift action when its neighbour, Zimbabwe, recorded its first coronavirus-related death. The diamond-rich southern African country on Tuesday closed all its borders. This is because of fears that Zimbabweans entering the country may be carriers of the deadly virus, spreading with speed in neighbouring South Africa.

Sierra Leone

Population: 7.5 million

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has no confirmed COVID-19 case. But scarred by Ebola epidemic five years ago, the country has declared a 12-month state of emergency, as it seeks to insulate itself from the dreaded coronavirus outbreak.

The country’s President, Julius Maada Bio, announced Tuesday on state television that the decision took immediate effect.

“This is not a lockdown and nobody must use this as an excuse to hoard goods, hike prices or engage in acts of lawlessness,” Mr Bio said, taking a cue from a global panic buying as coronavirus sweeps through the world.

The government’s decision is a proactive measure as memories of the devastating effects of Ebola lingers on in a country that lost over 4,000 citizens and recorded almost 14,000 Ebola infections.


Population: 10.7 million


Burundi is not taking chances, although it has not confirmed any case of COVID-19. On March 18, the country suspended all flights in and out of the country.

The order applies to the Melchior Ndadaye International Airport, which is located in the country’s economic capital, Bujumbura. But it kept its borders open while advising its citizens not to travel to countries that have already recorded infections.

South Sudan

Population: 12.6 million

War-torn South Sudan has already seen the hand of death in many ways. For a country whose leaders signed a peace deal to call a truce on civil war even after independence, a slice of the global pandemic is likely to deal a much deadlier blow.

The country, on March 22, closed all its airports and land crossings.

Only cargo planes will be allowed to land at the airports. Also to be allowed are aircraft on account of emergency and relief flights. An official statement said nobody will be allowed to enter the country through its land, except for food trucks and fuel tankers.

The East African country is the world’s youngest country—it split from Sudan after years of civil war and sectorial violence.

Comoros Island

Population: 832,000

Africa’s fourth-smallest country, by land size, is yet to record a case. Little is known of its coronavirus efforts. However, by mid-March, the country had introduced several measures, including immigration restrictions and enhanced screening procedures, to prevent the spread of coronavirus to the island.

The tiny island in the Indian Ocean made global headlines and won the hearts of millions with a noble gesture when it donated €100 to China to fight coronavirus.

“We know the capacities and the means of China, but by this gesture, the association wanted to show to the Chinese people how much the Comorians feel concerned,” a government representative, Dr Ahamada Msa Mlivam, said as he presented the money to the Chinese Ambassador to Comoros Island, He Yanjun.

Sao Tome and Principe

Population: 204,000

Sao Tome and Principe

The tiny island on the coast of Central Africa is yet to record a case. However, there is no information on its control measures.

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