"Not legally married"- Woman caught with a man on her matrimonial bed finally speaks(Video)

"The man caught on my bed is my Fiancee"- Woman caught with a man on her matrimonial bed finally speak
A Nigerian woman who was allegedly caught with her
concubine on her matrimonial bed shares her side of the story.

It will be recalled that a viral video surfaced on Nigerian blogs, social media pages a few days prior that sparked outrageous remarks as came out in a new turn as the alleged housewife has shed more light on what most people need to know before being judgemental.
If you missed the previous video >>WATCH HERE<<

In a video received by Aynaijang News, the woman elucidated how the man she's not even legally married to betrayed her truth, left Nigeria to the U.S.A, how she fasted for days after he called to complained of deportation unknowingly to her that he has remarried to another woman in the United State until he came down Nigeria and been confronted in which he proudly answered the woman "YES" and advise her to move with her life.

She further explained that the man who was humiliated with her is her new fiancee.   Her ex, his sister and thugs scaled through the fence to gain entry into her apartment.

You need to watch the video below to understand better how some men are naturally wicked.

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