APC, PDP Lawmakers Are Only United When It Comes To Sharing Money — Buhari's Adviser Sagay

APC, PDP Lawmakers Are Only United When It Comes To Sharing Money — Buhari's Adviser Sagay

Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN), the President's Adviser on Corruption has railed against Nigerian lawmakers
following reports they took delivery of exotic cars at a time the country is battling coronavirus outbreak.

Sagay, Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC) pointed out that if reports about the car purchase were true, he is not suprised.

He noted that the lawmakers from both the ruling APC and opposition PDP often suddenly develop a very tight brotherhood  when it "comes to sharing money, collecting resources and pocketing money meant for the country," adding their only "agenda is to share the money, luxuriate, gather material things, self-interest first and let the country die."

He revealed this during an interview granted INDEPENDENT, a prominent Nigerian newspaper. The interview was published Wednesday.

The fiery Sagay maintained that "things will never change" in the legislative corner "until there is a change of order in which real prudence is imposed."

"It will never come voluntarily; it has to be imposed on them. What I envisaged in future is that we are now going to have part-time parliamentarians who will only come and get allowance for few months that they come in a year and the vehicles they are going to use will not be their own," he said.

Sagay also spoke about the federal government's response to Covid-19. Although he hailed meaures already put in place which he said are working but admitted that the country needs to better prepare for the future.

" Right now in terms of world view, everything we have now is inadequate but it is manageable based on the level of infection that we have," he added.

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