Billions Donated To Combat Against Coronavirus Not With Us — FG Replies Nigerians

Billions Donated To Combat Against Coronavirus Not With Us — FG Replies Nigerians

The Nigerian government said on Thursday that billions of naira donated by private individuals and
corporate bodies towards the country's response to coronavirus outbreak are not credited into its coffers.

Dr Sani Aliyu, the National Coordinator of the Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 explained during a daily briefing in Abuja, when asked to shed light on the funds, that the there is a separate account set up by private entities for such donations.

''The private sector has a seperate fund which is run through the Coalition Against Coronavirus Disease. That's where you get most of the announcements that this person has given a billion and this is a separate account", he stated.

Continuing, he said, "It has nothing to do with government and the money will not come to government. We appreciate the help of the private sector in helping us and they will be providing us with commodity but the money they are currently collecting will not come to government. It is a separate bank account'.'

There have been palpable fears the donations might be looted by the Nigerian government.

Aynaijang News earlier reported how Dr Kolawole Olaniyan, a Legal Adviser at Amnesty International Secretariat, London, recently called on Nigeria's anti-corruption agencies such as the ICPC and EFCC, to start monitoring and tracking activities around spending of the donations to Covid-19 relief funds.

According to Olaniyan, there are strong reasons to be vigilant because grand corruption under the government has not reduced, "despite President Muhammadu Buhari’s perceived anti-corruption credentials."

"Under Buhari’s watch, a governor is pushing to pocket a portion of recovered Abacha loot. Mr Buhari’s Attorney General sees nothing wrong with this," he recalled.

During an interview granted The Punch, he further maintained that the federal government's "handling of COVID-19 pandemic has been unsatisfactory" beacuse it failed to "come up with a communication strategy about its plan to limit the spread of the pandemic in the country, and also failed to impose travel restrictions at a time these measures would have been most effective."

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