Chris Oyakhilome Reveals Another Pres.Buhari Secrets on 5G Network Installations In Nigeria (Must See)

 Chris Oyakhilome Reveals Another Pres.Buhari Secrets on 5G Installations In Nigeria (Must See)

The founder of Believers Love World a.k.a Christ Embassy, ​​who preached
to his congregation in a live TV show, said the pandemic was created to popularize the 5G network that is gradually gaining attention worldwide berating President Muhammadu Buhari ordered on lockdown.

He has alleged that the federal government has shut down Lagos and Abuja to install the controversial 5G network.

The preacher said this during his preaching in his church on Sunday, April 5. He believed that what killed so many people in Wuhan, China is not the coronavirus, as reported, but rather the 5G network installed there. He challenged everyone with a different opinion to come forward.

At a social distance. Oyakhilome said it is a government trick to keep people inside so they don't protest the installation of a 5G network in Nigeria.

Pastor Chris outlines the relationship between 5G and the Coronavirus

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the 5G network amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has crippled operations in many countries around the world.

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  1. Please we don't need the so called 5G network in Nigeria.

  2. We don't need the 5G net work here in Nigeria


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