Coronavirus: “Buhari People Are Hungry, Stop Your Boko Haram in Army Uniform From Beating Nigerians"- American Woman Brags(Video)

Coronavirus Buhari People Are Hungry, Stop Your Boko Haram in Army Uniform From Beating Nigerians American Woman Calls Out Buhari

An American woman has called out Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, over his nonchalant
traits toward the present hardship in Nigerian and cautioned him to warn the Nigerian Army and fake boko haram members in Police uniform to desist from assaulting Nigerians.

The woman in the video below received by Aynaijang News berated the Nigerian government, condemned his administration for treating the civilians like an animal, as a result, Covid-19 total lockdown.

Excerpt of what she said below:

"Buhari, i gat a message for you.
I have been watching the video and pictures of your military men, policemen who are mostly Boko haram, who you gave uniform too have covered to reach Christians communities."

You will need to watch the below to get the woman aggressive remarks on the Nigeria President:

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  1. Muhammad buari if you did not suffer for all your evil believe your children children will suffer it as God live forever so shall you suffer for ever till death even to your ancestor you shall suffer,after death your spirit will continued suffer you shall not escape it and I thank the Lord who will make you and your generation and your generation to come suffer


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