See FBI Returning Coronavirus Tested Positive Face Mask Delivered From China (Video)

See FBI Returning Coronavirus Tested Positive Face Mask Supplied From China (Video)

The video of the American FBI loading a big vehicle to return coronavirus
tested positive face mask delivered from China reportedly to inflict many American citizens have surfaced.

The video sighted by Aynaijang News revealed the moment the American FBI was taking back burdens of face mask investigated by the United States to have been deliberately inflicted as a mission to bring down American citizens.

It will be recalled that the American Department of Justice earlier on the 2nd of April, 2020 reported the arrest of China Nationale for masterminding Biochemical weapons to ravage the entire world economy.

Watch The Video Beneath:

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  1. This news is a big fat lie. The owner was hoarding thr mask and selling at higher price. Thats why its being siezed

    1. This is false news. It is just as the other commentator said. This is evacuation of safety mask from a hoarder's house, that was selling at 700% above normal price and depriving health workers necessary aid in combating covid 19


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