What Minister Farouq Means By Cash Transfer Are Only For The Poorest Nigerians (Must Read)

What Minister Farouq Means By Cash Transfer Are Only For The Poorest Nigerians

Following social media tidbits trailing the viral reports of the Nigerian
Minister under the control of President Muhammadu Buhari which disclosed that the minister of humanitarian affairs, disaster management, and social development Sadiya Farouq, declare that the Nigerian government would transfer cash to the poorest citizens.

In any case, this has caused confusion over the declaration that only the poorest Nigerians would benefit from the Nigerians government during the Covid-19 hardship period.
It will be recalled that it was made known during a press preparation on the 30th of March in Abuja FCT.

She said: "We have directed immediate cash transfer to the poorest and most vulnerable households in the country. But for the COVID-19, the vulnerable groups have to expand, because we are aware that there are people who live on daily wage, so we are also going to look at those groups of people to see how we can get this food relief intervention to them in this period.”

The fact that not all Nigerians will get that money is very disheartening as many are currently in need of money as the majority are currently at home doing nothing.

It will be likewise be recalled that the United States and a few Africa nations didn't specifically set aside people who are not to benefit from their economy relief package during this period.

And more also, what's the determinant of knowing the poorest in the country?

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