ADVERTISE On Aynaijablog

ADVERTISE On Aynaijablog
Updated ; With over 150,000- 200,000 +daily views and  6,500,000+ monthly views after the inception of our blog January of  2016, our blog have continued to gain more audience

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We promise to share your ads beyond our website only, but including our Facebook groups & page listed below!
-Single and ready to mingle of 111,000  members

- Make me laugh 48,000 Members

Facebook page

Over 2.9 millions people reach hed on a weekly basis

Available Advert Banner Sizes

1)Header Banner 336 x 225
2)After Content 728 x 90 & 336×225
3)Sidebar + mobile view 160 x 600.
4)Sidebar 300 x 250
Post ads.
5) Post Ads
6) Texts ads
Get your Brand / Product On the Map today by Advertising with us. 
Send your Inquiries, Banners (Images)to
Email: adeniranololade@gmail.com

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